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SeptiOne Nitrox: specific cleaning agent for disinfection of rebreathers (mouthpieces, breathing bags, corrugated hoses…) and all kind of Nitrox equipment.

The SeptiOne range has been tested according to « Antiseptic and disinfectant » procedures AFNOR EN1276 and EN1650.

The virucidal properties of its active ingredient were proven on numerous wrapped viruses.

 Eliminates micro-organisms and algae depots in the pressure regulators. It maintains the devices clean and increases their shelf-lives.

Respects the equipment: does not damage neoprene, plastics, seals, and metal alloys.

Non-irritating after dilution, no allergenic effect or bad reactions.

Dilution: 2% or 250 ml allow to make 12,5l of disinfecting solution.

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